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A Wide Range of Parts and Accessories Available

APOGEE INDUSTRIES, LLC is one of the best-stocked suppliers of trailer parts in Florida. We carry parts for all trailer brands, including trailer tires! Our knowledgeable staff has 12 years of experience in the industry to help you find the right fit for your trailer.

If you need a part that’s out of stock, we can special order it and have it shipped to the store. There’s no fee for a standard product, but we do charge a down payment for special orders.

With our extensive background in trailer sales, we have the expertise to guide your decisions, and we take pride in our customer service and our fast turnaround. Visit us today for a free estimate.

Authorized Parts Dealer

APOGEE INDUSTRIES, LLC is an authorized dealer for these manufacturers and suppliers:

  • Continental
  • Magic Tilt
  • Curt
  • Buyers Products
  • Dexter
  • Tex Trail

Trailers and Brakes

Florida law requires brakes on any new trailer with a gross weight rating (GVWR) over 3,000 pounds. When buying a new trailer, make sure the manufacturer’s ID sticker clearly identifies a GVWR. Then make sure the trailer is equipped with the correct braking equipment.

Single axles trailers are usually rated up to 2,990 pounds and do not require brakes. Dual-axle trailers with no brakes cannot be rated over 3,000 pounds, regardless of their designed capacity. Depending on the weight of the trailer, this may leave very little legal load-carrying capacity. Dual-axle trailers with brakes on one axle can have an increased GVWR but will be less than if both axles were equipped with brakes.

To legally haul the maximum design load of any dual axle trailer, it must be equipped with brakes on both axles. All boat trailers with more than one axle are required to have brakes on all axles or the trailer capacity must be derated.

Depending on the age of your current trailer, you may be grandfathered in with lower brake equipment requirements. It is your responsibility as the trailer owner/operator to maintain trailer brakes in functioning condition.

Know Your Load Carry Capacity

It’s important to know what its load carrying capacity is when purchasing a trailer. You can derive this by taking the gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) and subtract the empty weight of the trailer. This is your usable weight. Try to estimate the weight of your intended load when you shop for a trailer.

We see many trailers in our service department that have been overloaded. Just because a load may fit into your trailer, that doesn’t mean it can support the load. This is especially true of large, tandem-axle trailers which often have a high empty weight due to their size.

The usable weight may only be half of the GVWR if the trailer doesn’t have heavy enough axles and springs. Too often, large trailers are sold with medium-duty axles. The dealer can lower your price in this case, but don’t fall for this.

The bottom line is that you should evaluate your trailer needs now and in the future, then decide what’s best for you. It may be better to spend money on the next size up now, rather than spend money on a second trailer later.


  • Trailer Wheel Bearings
  • Trailer Hubs
  • Leaf Springs
  • Leaf Spring Bolts
  • Nuts & Bolts
  • U-Bolts
  • Axle Kits
  • LED Lights
  • Bunk Carpet
  • Guide Poles
  • Standard & Stainless Brakes
  • Tires & Wheels
  • Spare Tire Carriers
  • Trailer Hitches (installed)
  • Boat Trailer Winch
  • Jacks
  • Brake Controllers
  • Couplers
  • Wiring
  • and more!

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